Ode to Rimbaud
ARTHUR RIMBAUD - listen to a reading, while zooming in on details of a drawing.
Interactive slideshow
WOMEN WHO DARE - an interactive audio-enhanced slideshow created for a website promoting a documentary by turkish-american director Binnur Karaevli.
Mao fest
RED REVOLUTION MASHUP - a nostalgic Mao fest. Collage with embedded movie clips and a jukebox. For a kick-ass multimedia experience, play several movies at the same time (if your computer and internet connection are up to it).
Peking Opera
PEKING OPERA - an audio-enhanced photo flipbook. Created in collaboration with Polish photographer/graphic designer Sylwia Kuniewska.
REP productions
REP PRODUCTIONS - commercial work I did around 2001 in the U.S.
DANICA COMPUTING - commercial work I did around 2000 in the U.S.
Bistro Q
BISTRO Q - interactive logo with jingle - commercial work I did around 2000 in the U.S.
MSA1 MSAwebdesign - promotion for a company I once owned.
MSA2 MSAwebdesign - same deal as above.
C2C COAST TO COAST - music video 2001
c2c 2 THE DAY THE SUN EXPLODED - music video 2001