VIDEOS - 2006-2010, The Hague.

A short documentary about the Royal Conservatoire (Het Konklijk Conservatorium) in The Hague. With guest teachers James Spaulding and Pavlov Beznosiuk.

Interview with Dutch painter Francien Krieg who specializes in showing the beauty of people commonly perveived as ugly.

Interview with South African artist Wilma van der Meyden who draws and paints her impressions of an upscale neighborhood in The Hague.

Interview with White Trash Clan member Patric de Leede, who fashions robots out of discarded packaging material..

Ben Bman aka Ben is Dead, explains why art is dead.

RIP Ben Meijer 1967-2013

Excerpts of a theater play named "Ik Beken" (I confess) - In Dutch, no subs.

Joris Postumus aka Mr. Post-Human plays a kock ass solo at famed musicians cafe "De Pater" in The Hague.

Dutch cowboy "Buck" aka Timo Delamar sings "Lieve Brenda. Plus an interview with director Annechien Koerselman - in Dutch, no subs.

Artist/poet Randolph John Schwidder performs "Ach de Liefde" - in Dutch, no subs.

Hardcore underground band The Swimming Fishes plays "I'm Sorry for the Pain."